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Pampers® Pure Protection

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    Par Amalia - juillet 02, 2022

    I have been using papers pure products since our daughter was born. It was the first product we wiped her with and we knew we wouldn’t trade it for any other product. She rarely has diaper rashes and I have to say that the papers pure collection has played a huge impact on that.

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    Par evieraeday - juin 28, 2022

    Ce sont nos couches préférées pour notre tout-petit. Il est très absorbant et épouse parfaitement les cuisses. Il n'a pas de parfum, il est donc idéal pour les peaux sensibles et fonctionne bien pendant la nuit. J'aime vraiment leur coupe, leur apparence et ce qu'ils font.

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    Par CourageWithCassie - juin 27, 2022

    On utilise les Pampers Swaddlers mais avec la nouvelle boite chez Costco, on a essaye les Pampers Pure. Ils sont generalement la meme que les Swaddlers sauf qu'il vient dans un boite pour un mois and sont plus comfortable que les Swaddlers pendant la nuit. Je penserais que les deux fonctions mais pour la convenience j'acheterais les Pure.

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    Par Deepika - juin 27, 2022

    We used Pampers with both our kids and absolutely love them. After my second was born, we started him on Pampers swaddlers like my first but noticed he was getting rashes frequently. That was never a problem with our first son. We went ahead and tried Pampers pure on a friend's recommendation and boy, has it been a game changer! Not only the rashes were gone but a single diaper also lasts the whole night. Its absolutely what we needed and we'll continue to purchase them as they have excellent fit and protection.

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    Par Hayleejreis - juin 27, 2022

    We have always used pampers products and will always recommend them. We love the pampers pure protection diapers my son has sensitive skin after having a bone marrow transplant and the pure protection diapers are so gentle on his skin because they are made with thoughtfully selected ingredients, clinically proven and hypoallergenic. We will definitely keep purchasing :)

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